Чемпионат Европы 1/10 ISТС и F1, Hudy Arena

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Re: Чемпионат Европы 1/10 ISТС и F1, Hudy Arena

Сообщение Golikov » 26 июн 2022, 18:44

Ну и напоследок: все шесть титулов на шасси Хрей!
Модифид, Сток, Передний привод и Ф1.
Юниоры в Модифиде и Стоке.

Авесосяне, скучают и теребят перформанс.
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Re: Чемпионат Европы 1/10 ISТС и F1, Hudy Arena

Сообщение Golikov » 27 июн 2022, 23:17

EFRA European Championship 2022 Report📝
Less than a day has passed.
To sum up, this post is very long and against the Hudy/Xray brand despite that I have lots of respect for what they have achieved and build up, so you may choose to keep reading or scroll past if you not care about all of it and my opinion.
I am not known for complaining in social media whatsoever, but I simply faced enough „bullshit“ last weekend in the Hudy Arena.
I finished 10th and last in the A without able to finish my finals, my worst result in the last 17 years at an Euros, but that’s not really the problem even some would not believe it. Bruno won, as he was the favorite going into this event, and thats also okay. Well done to him,even though I disagree with a lot he is saying in his interviews.
•••Prior to this event,
some controversy things happened .
Hudy Arena hosted two races in 4 respectively 2 weeks before this event, one not allowing any other manufactures than their own plus they did extra testing days.
Ok, nevermind, they can do what they want, everyone has their ‘hometrack’, that sounds even more challenging to me.
You are facing 4 practice runs before going into Qualiying, thats not much, also down to some EFRA rules, but again challenging.
You hear the rumour before about tire issues, tires blowing up.
You’re worried but also wondering whats going to happen since nobody talked about it.
I was testing two sets of those Hudy tires on two different tracks without issues, in fact, they worked very well. But I expected it from one of the most expensive sets of tires ever. (not to mention the expensive additive)
••• I still came extremly motivated to this race, with all those issues faced, as the „reward“ you’re getting to fight or possibly beat them at their home place is enormous.
The chances weren’t the best, but thats what motivates, as long as it’s fair play.
I mean that very honest!
Practice run 3, rear right tire failure on the straight, I was one of few more guys who had that including at least two Xray drivers.
Luckily, my car did survive, additionally I was looking for better pace but was getting closer though.
Additionally, you hear in the pits the recommendation about reducing power to save tires but sacrifice topspeed/performance? Never heard of this before, but kept it in mind.
They worked on the car setup to prevent tire failures? Ok, that is a real disadvantage for everybody who did not attend the two previous events and exclusive testing days.
•••Qualifiying went underway, I had good and less good runs as I felt a bit inconsistent with the tires, but to be fair, I noticed this with my competitors as well.
Missing two TQ runs by 0.04s respectively 0.2sec to eventually start 4th on the grid.
On a side note, a certain Xray driver kept jump starting in Qualifying runs before his number was called. Im not asking for a penalty, just asking for respect on the track to simply not do it.
Also, more multiple cars had issues during Qualifying with their tires, ‘explosions’ on the straight, ruined runs, ruined cars.
I had two really stressed rear right tires but not having any of them exploded.
Lucky? Maybe.
The final was on Saturday evening, in colder conditions, to make sure tires aren’t exploding according to the organizer.
I simply had not the pace to put pressure to the drivers ahead of me, neither I was under pressure, it was cruise mode, however my front right tire blew up (insert gone) right after 4min.
I wasn’t the only one, it happened to Christopher Krapp as well.
Decided to keep it focussed with reducing my power and going even smoother at the start since Alex was holding us up a bit, I kept it calm. My car was better after some changes while I was following Marc.
My aim was to end up with a podium at this stage and making two well remaining finals.
But, my right rear tire gave up and destroyed half of my car on the straight.
How was my mood?
I was fu****** upset, kept it together in the interview though.
My car was done with only 1.5h time in between, I didn’t want to get my spare car marked (chassis marking nowadays do not make the most sense) and risk another failure as air temperature increased, so I sit out and watch the finals by the end of the straight.
So what did I see?
One driver was absolutly hammering it down the straight with insane topspeed, going sideways every lap in the „kink“, putting maximum pressure on the tires for the 5 min run without having a failure.
What does that tell it to me?
The power does not matter that much, it’s pure luck! (I am NOT saying that their team have different or selected tires than others!)
••• I ended up spending around 380€ for all Hudy tires I got forced to use, which are useless for me personally as they aren’t far from ripping apart. In fact, people in lower mains were forced to buy new tires too, if they do not want risk a blowing tire/damaged car.
You can argue that I am sponsored, but that is a lot of money!
•••What could be done prior?
A lot.
I understand that it is not the intention to make tires exploding, but that was their best effort despite knowing common issue 4 or at least 2 weeks ago at their XRS event?
What about using another brand of tires?
As far as I understand correctly, it was asked for 700 sets of Hotrace tires a week ago. My question is, if there is only an issue in Modified, why 700? Less than half would have been easily enough with the official tire rules.
What about changing to the opposite direction of the track layout like the 2019 ETS event?
Why was this not an option as the tire would have faced less stress.
Or is it because you would lose your track test advantage?!
What about adding a chicane in the middle of the straight to slow the cars down?
•••This post is not about that cars are too fast, Modified is the „Formula 1“ of Electric Onroad even this sounds overdramatic, its the dynamic of the sport and maxing out what is possible no matter if the track is tiny or huge. If a tire (no matter what brand) offers in general less grip overall, it is fine too, as long as it is same for everybody and safe to use.
In fact, everybody can buy the equipment we are using, and its up to everybody what he is looking for (Speed, Performance, having fun etc), which means tire companies are also responsible for it and over the last few years, they got better and exploding tires are simply rare.
We have raced on bigger and faster and hotter temperatures and not had these issues.
The last time I remember tires were exploding (in less amount as last weekend) was at the European Championship 2019, in the Hudy Arena, with Hudy tires.
•••What is my problem?•••
Basically of what I have written above. Do I overreact? I don’t think so, somebody had to move on to say something more detailed.
My job is to represent my sponsors in the best possible way on and off the track.
Showing what we can do in/as a team and what I personally can reach, helping drivers and customers in any available time and try to enjoy what is the best hobby in the world rather than ending up in the wall is what I am looking for.
Since ETS Series came out 15 years ago, there was up to 6 times a year high competition against the best in Europe/World and I got spoiled and used to it I must admit.
ETS races itself is in my point of view also about supporting your team, helping your team, having fun with friends and competitors and doing your best on track.
Xray dropped out of ETS by their own decision, for multiple reasons as far as the rumours spreads, apparently including the complaining about ETS tires, which now looks really awkward as they produced a hell of a crap tire for that European Championship conditions by their choice.
Dropping out of ETS had consequences, they let their customers down, they let their competitors down, they let the hobby down in times where it’s tough anyway instead of working together in our smallest of world.
And this additionally pi**** me off.
But hey, they still got what they wanted.
Wins in all classes. Smiling faces in their Facebook pictures and nice promotion of simply winning at any costs.
You can call me jealous or a sore loser this time, but I just have had enough of an unfair treatment by this brand and I know that many others think the same way.
They put themselves in this position though.
It is a shame that it has come that far but I could not keep quiet anymore while one of my desires is just to compete with the best of the best in a fair given manor, like we have been able to do many times in the past.
Nevertheless, my motivation is endless for the upcoming races like the rest of the ETS season and of course the World Championship in Italy in September with my LRP powered Mugen Seiki❣️
As this was an EFRA event, I didn’t really mention them here.
It could have been better but also worse, still their are too many rules which are making no sense in the present and rules which they didnt really follow according to their book, but I should not complain since I don’t have the energy to fight or improve it now.
To do some productive content here, I will do a Sanwa M17 post up next with few things I am recommending to use or try.
LAST BUT NOT LEAST, I don’t need to post pictures of my broken car, body shell or tires, thats not what the post is all about, a nice racing action pictures does its job too
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Re: Чемпионат Европы 1/10 ISТС и F1, Hudy Arena

Сообщение Golikov » 27 июн 2022, 23:20

Рональд после ЧЕ, высказал своё мнение по ситуации. Достаточно важно. Пользуйтесь Гуглом? Или перевести?
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Re: Чемпионат Европы 1/10 ISТС и F1, Hudy Arena

Сообщение Denis Koemets » 28 июн 2022, 06:51

Перевёл, прочитал. Рональда вполне можно понять.
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Re: Чемпионат Европы 1/10 ISТС и F1, Hudy Arena

Сообщение Golikov » 30 июн 2022, 17:09

Худи Арена ответила на пост Рональда Фёльке и многих других вполне так недовольных участников:
Official HUDY Arena statement regarding complaints of the recent European Championships 1/10 TC
There’s been a lot of misinformation and outright lies being posted on social media about the European Championships recently, the weeks leading up to it, and about some of the decisions taken. We would, as a race organizer, like to clear up some of these points.
Track availability – the Hudy Arena outdoor track has been open to the public every Tuesday during the springtime, regardless of car brand used. The official European Championships warm-up race was held at our track during the last weekend of May, which also featured 3 full days of open track for anyone that wished to attend. The attendance at this event was very poor, so we can assume that the major teams (apart from XRAY) had no interest to come and test in preparation for this event. Finally the Hudy Arena has been also available all the time for private renting option which many times several brands and teams have used for their private testing. As such anyone interested to test had plenty and unlimited options to do so.
Tire issues - At the 1/10 TC warm-up race, there were no issues with the belting of the subscribed HUDY A1-36 tire. However, the ambient and track temperature was low. At the XRS Grand Final, which was run two weeks later, we did see a few blowouts (belt failures) of the tires on the 2nd and 3rd run, but never on brand new tires. The failures occurred in the afternoon when the track temperatures were above 45 degrees C and only in modified class at full speeds. We were very concerned and took these problems very seriously. But we were short of time since the European Championships event was coming up within only two weeks’ time. Our options were very limited. No tire manufacturer that we contacted could supply the number of tires needed for the modified class at the European Championships. Nor could we be sure that another brand of tires would have no failures. In recent years, with increased speeds and increased downforce levels in modern TC racing, the stress on the tires is higher than ever. The Japanese rubber tire supplier for HUDY tires is one of the most famous and most high-end brands in the business yet, no product is perfect or problem free in these days.
The damage limitation that was attempted was, to give the option to the drivers to use a new set of tires for every run. We want to highlight the fact that the additional tires were offered to the drivers FREE of charge, as an action of goodwill to the event. All matters were informed about at the team managers meeting on the first day of the European Championships event. The team managers for each country should have informed their drivers of the risks of tire failures, with appropriate changes to reduce the risk of such failures, for instance, a reduction in the ESC turbo setting. Just like in real racing, such as F1, tire failures are not uncommon, and it’s often up to the teams to adapt where the tire has a known issue, which can’t be rectified on the spot by the organizer and/or tire manufacturer. The top drivers that had several tire failures, were also driving cars that the highest recorded top speeds on the straightaway. This can’t be a coincidence, nor is it an excuse.
The A3 final was the hottest that the track was all weekend, and it was evident that most drivers had slowed down the top speed of their cars, which contributed to them being able to finish the final without any tire issues or failures.
On another note, a few professional drivers should seriously consider their conduct at these events. These drivers were shouting, cursing, and were walking off the rostrum before races had finished – showing no respect to their competitors. No matter how disappointed you are, there’s no excuse for this kind of behaviour. Hudy Arena will stand up against profanity, bullying and unsportsmanlike behaviour of any kind. There are kids around, and professional drivers are supposed to be role models. Finally, these drivers have a responsibility to their sponsors. We don’t accept and will not validate personal attacks, especially from people that did not take part in the European Championship event.
Furthermore, don’t disrespect the work of the winners. The European Championships winning drivers this year have proven themselves time and time again, whether it being at the Hudy Arena track, or at other tracks, at ETS, or other EFRA and IFMAR events. The championships won last weekend must be respected and acknowledged just like any other championships. The championships have been won fairly, under supervision and direction of the EFRA delegates. Everything has been run according to the EFRA handbook.
Hudy Arena officially apologize about the issues and damage caused by the tires at the European Championships. During our frustration, we do feel that we’ve done everything in our power to minimize the risks and provide the best and fairest racing conditions for all participants. Unfortunately, this time, it was not enough to save the credibility of the event, and for that, we are very sorry.
Let’s not forget that the TC stock and FWD categories were completed without any complaints or issues at all. We have really enjoyed organizing 7x EFRA European Championships, 1x IFMAR World Championships, and several ETS races very successfully until today. The Hudy Arena tracks were built, and these events were hosted with no expectations of getting the money invested back, we simply did it for the sake of the hobby that we all love so much.
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